What can Video Production do for your company?

It is interesting that despite video accounting for one of the largest percentages of internet traffic, many companies are still unaware of the benefits that a video production can offer them.

Many companies are wary of the costs involved, while some who have attempted video for themselves have not seen any beneficial return. Why is this, and what can having a professionally made video really offer your business?

It is apparent from those who have a clear video strategy that video production can often have an impressive ROI. Having a strategy for using video is extremely important.

A video, when done right, can offer huge benefits. An increase in exposure, building customer and client confidence in connecting with your company, saving you money on training, allowing customers and clients the ability to better understand you and your products or services. These are just some of the benefits available.

Let's take a look at the last of those. One of the biggest problems a company can face is getting their customers and potential client base to fully understand what they do and what they are capable of. A video can encapsulate complex information in a simple, concise way that is both entertaining and memorable. It is a fact that people retain 70% more information with video than they do when presented with text alone. This fact alone is reason enough to consider video as a primary communication medium for your company.

Used prominantly, video testimonials and case studies encourage confidence in your company's products and services by showing people directly how others have benefitted from what you offer. This is a much more trustworthy approach in the minds of your customers than simple text.

Using video builds trust with your customer base and can offer huge savings over time when it comes to staff training or sending staff all over the country. This translates directly into potentially huge financial reward when used as part of an overall strategy.