The Sins of Video Production

As we know, the benefits of video production can be huge for your company. However there are some mistakes to avoid. These are mistakes that are commonly made, either through a lack of knowledge, or through myths that perpetuate how video should be used.

1. Placing the video on YouTube and hoping for viewers. This is surprisingly common. A company will commission a video and then place it onto YouTube without promoting it. YouTube is a great general resource for watching videos on a range of topics. However a video cannot benefit your company unless it is promoted in the right way.

2. Not having a usage strategy in place. This is also fairly common as a mistake. A video will be produced and then a lack of promotional strategy means that the video never reaches its intended audience, or the numbers of viewers that it should do.

3. Not making the video visible enough. This is also amazingly common. Some companies will place the video in the hidden bowels of their website, rarely to be seen, or at the very least very difficult to find. If you have a promotional video or customer testimonials, or product demonstrations, they should be featured prominantly, shouting out to be played! Tiny half hidden icons do not encourage viewings, and if your company promotional video is only seen in an old blog entry then it will never achieve the goals that were set for it.

4. Assuming that numbers of views equals success. Some companies can be focussed on the number of views a video receives. However this is misleading. 1m people could view your video, but if none of them are interested in your product then it will be a futile effort. What is important is the quality of views. A good release strategy will ensure that your video is seen by the people who count, your potential clients and customers. Remember that it isn't the numbers of audience who see your video, but the quality of those viewers. Targetting your video is of the utmost importance.

Five Element will always offer you release strategy options if you are unfamiliar with how to get the best out of your video. Our services do not stop at simply producing the video.

5. Trying to cram too much into the video. It is often tempting once discussions about the videos content begin, to try and cram as much information as possible into the video. Sometimes this happens once production has started, and a client may want to include more information about a seperate subject. Content must be decided from the outset, and in the case of corporate video the message must be focussed. If it is not then the message of the video will be diluted by distraction, and the production will be far less effective.

6. Not having a clear leader for the project. It is great to have different ideas coming in for a video, however the final content must be decided by a clear leader who can make the final decisions. A video that tries to please everyone can often fail because it can end up disjointed and with mixed messages.