A guide to how a video is produced

The stages involved in video production can be perplexing for a new client. We are often asked by prospective customers what is involved in the production of a video. We will always aim to make the process as streamlined as we can so that the process runs smoothly.

Initial consultation

At this stage the project has not been confirmed and the prospective client may be shopping around to get an idea of the costs involved. We will discuss with you over the phone or via conference call at no cost to yourself what we can offer you, as well as drilling down the detail of the kind of video you wish to produce. We are often asked for a quote at this stage, however this is not something we can do at this point because there are so many details involved that until the final idea is locked down costs cannot be worked out accurately.

It is usually best for a client to have an idea of how much they wish to budget for a production, and then the video can be tailored around that. Alternatively offer a number of options at different budget levels for your consideration. At this stage we will need to ask you a number of questions so that we can best understand your needs and requirements, and so that we can fully understand the scope of the production. This will allow us to produce a more accurate general quote for productions that do not already have a set budget.

The biggest factor when it comes to budgets and project prices is time. The amount of time to develop and prepare the project, the number of days shooting, the number of crew required, whether any animation is required, and any specialised gear requirements.


If you are happy with the quote that we provided at the end of the project development meetings, this is the stage at which the project is planned out in absolute detail, with filming days and locations organised. More meetings will need to take place with the client to discuss the fine detail of content and filming style etc.

This is also the stage at which scripts and storyboards are produced, if required, as well as shot lists. At the end of this stage we will invoice the client for the preproduction time plus 50% of the following production time. Once payment for this has been received the next stage of production can proceed.


This is the fun part! Filming on location will take place with an experienced crew and the content of the video is created.

Post production

This is the stage at which the video is edited, any voice overs recorded etc. If everything was worked out in detail at the preproduction stage then the edit will proceed as per the specifications. Sometimes a client will request to sit in on an edit, however this can drastically slow things down, and we generally recommend leaving the editing to people who are highly experienced in this area. An experienced editor will know how to choose the best takes and reactions through years of experience and knowledge.

We will send the client preview versions of the edit drafts throughout this process. In our standard quotes we will factor in two revision rounds. If more revisions are required extra charges may be incurred.

Once an edit has been approved and locked the picture will go through a grading process to ensure that it looks as polished as possible, final sound editing and mixing will be performed and a final preview of the video will be created. Any revisions required once this final process has been gone through could incur an additional fee due to the work involved, depending on the complexity of the project.

Once this final preview has been approved we will invoice for the outstanding project amount. When this payment has been received we will then output the final edit in the format of your choice and the video is then yours!

If you require us to keep the original footage on file we can do this for a recurring archiving fee, or we can send you the footage on a storage device for a one off cost.