Midlands based Aerial Filming,
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UAV/Drone Operation

CAA certified Aerial Video & Imaging Solutions.

Take your company to new heights with fully CAA Certified Aerial Drone/UAV Filming Services

Five Element offers a full Aerial Filming Service on an ad hoc basis or as part of a full Video Production. In order to bring you this service we use highly experienced fully insured CAA Certified and insured pilots to literally take your videos to another level, offering incredibly dramatic aerial vistas and flybys.

Aerial UAV/Drone filming offers a new perspective on the world that in previous years would have required hiring in a specialist helicopter filming crew at great cost. With our end to end video production services we can offer aerial filming as part of a normal package to inject unparalleled production value to your videos.

Aerial filming from a Drone/UAV can be used extensively for:*

Site Surveying, Realtors and Real Estate Companies, Leisure & Tourism, Dramatic film & Television Production, Adventure Sports Film Production, Civil Engineering, Roof Inspections, Archeology, Building Tours.


Prices for Aerial Filming will vary depending on the specific requirements of the shots. We operate as a minimum of a two person crew, and carry two aircraft for redundancy. 

Terms and Conditions

Safety is of the utmost importance. Commercial UAV Aerial Filming is subject to rules laid out by the UK CAA (Civil Aviation Authority). We are fully insured legally certified operators.

As part of our service we will carry out full risk assessments based upon the intended use and location. Contact us to talk about how aerial filming can help your business!