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About Us

A results focused Corporate Video Communications Production Company with an emphasis on solving client requirements.

Based in the idyllic countryside of Malvern, Five Element Productions is a Corporate Video Production Company serving the Midlands, Birmingham, Worcestershire, Warwickshire, Herefordshire and Gloucestershire, and UK wide.

Your customers are precious, and Five Element prides itself on discovering filmmaking based solutions to problems that affect modern businesses.

When you contract with Five Element Productions we guarantee that you will benefit from careful planning, flawless execution, and a desire to understand what makes your company tick.

Our base in Worcestershire in the Midlands positions us well to serve the UK as a whole. We understand that producing an effective video is much more than creating something that simply looks slick, but something that powerfully and effectively delivers the focussed message that you, the client, want to deliver.

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Video Communications

You are progessive and forward thinking, and you want your company to stand out from the crowd. The benefits of video for your company can be huge. We know you want the best, and it is our goal to deliver it.

Some vendors have reported sales increases of up to 80% as a direct result of using video. Website visitors are 75% more willing to watch a video than they are willing to read text based media. This is because video connects with your customers on an emotive level that is simply not possible with a printed brochure or text alone.

With the rise of YouTube and other similar sites it is now expected that a company will utilise video to promote its products. Video's ability to deliver a message with high impact, eye catching visuals means that you will stay in the minds of your staff and potential customers long after they have finished watching.

Adventure Sports Production

We love the outdoors! Five Element specialises in filming adventure sports.

We bring our expertise from filming broadcast quality video to the outdoors & adventure sports domain. We have filmed everything from white water kayaking, climbing, gorge walking, through to mountain biking!

As active participants ourselves in sports such as Whitewater Kayaking, hiking, biking, and caving we fully understand Outdoor Adventure Sports and can view them from a participants perspective.

Whichever sport you require filming we have the know-how and the contacts to make it happen. So whether you are an outdoors equipment or clothing company looking to make an active product video, or athlete profile video, an outdoor adventure holiday provider wishing to promote your services, grand aerial vistas, or a documentary production looking for crew, Five Element can provide the goods.

Aerial Filming

Taking advantage of the latest technology, Five Element can now offer spectacular Aerial Filming Services to obtain the kinds of shots that previously could only been dreamt of.

Using only CAA certified UAV operators, we offer aerial UAV filming services as part of our end-to-end bespoke Video Production Services, or for obtaining that single elusive shot!

With our 20 years of Video Production experience, we can integrate such filming as part of a package to ensure that your film stands out from the crowd and obtains results. Whether you require production for architectual visualisation, construction site surveying, environmental, Adventure Sports, archeology, roof surveying, and much more besides, we can work with you to make your vision a reality!


What Our Clients Say

"The DVD has been fantastically received!"
Bill Drummond, Sony Professional Solutions Europe
"Excellent service, attention to detail, product understanding. A fantastic professional approach for a dynamic result."
Bliss Stick UK
"Just to say thanks so much for the work on the video - it's great!"